Education for New Entrepreneurs:

We are creating an education series that will provide valuable knowledge based on a combination of resources that our team has and resources sponsors may also have. The background of our team spans from working in entrepreneurship development, starting new businesses, advising start-ups, and marketing for current and past clients.

We will also align resources from government agencies and position our sponsors as trusted companies and as resources, i.e. companies that help entrepreneurs to launch their products into the market place.

A comprehensive hub for focused entrepreneurs with a funded product or service ready to bring to market.

Pursuing the American Dream alongside you.



Entrepreneurship is the spirit of the American Dream.  Although it is not the essence this spirit lives within our society.  We see an opportunity to help those people who have developed a product or have a great idea about a product or service.  This is the American spirit, many ideas blossom in the market easily and others need to have a catapult to help them succeed.  We will help by creating events and a magazine-style website filled with resources to gather these organizations and people. We will be continually creating educational resources and ways to help this spirit grow.



The opportunity is to gather several people and organizations that will benefit from the exposure to this vibrant market.  We will create a magazine-style website forum and an event (Webinar or Live Seminar). The entity is called “American Dream Catapult” and the sponsorships will support the advertising budget for the events and the website.  Lawyers forming new companies, IP technology attorneys, marketeers, business consultants, and companies who supply benefits to companies.